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These new Molinari gloves are booming the billiard glove market. Featuring all new technology with double stitched mesh and hand pad. The variety of these gloves is huge, so anyone can find a Molinari glove they love! There is a velcro size strap on the wrist if you need extra adjusting. These fingerless, and lightweight gloves are destined to help you with your stroke.

NOTE: The ‘regular’ size of this glove fits more like a medium glove, and may be too small for larger hands. Where the hand is measured from one side of the palm to the other, right below the fingers, the large size will fit hands measuring 3 1/8″ to 3 1/2″ The ‘small’ size is for very small hands, measuring less than 3 1/8″.

Sizes include: Regular (One size Fits all) Left Handed Glove