Fat Cat Twin Pack Steel Tip Darts 19 Grams

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The perfect set to get get your dart games started is the Fat Cat Twin Pack 19 gram set. In this set you get two complete dart sets, so you and your fiercest rival can settle the score on even ground. The centerpiece of each dart is the Tungzite barrel. Tungzite plated barrels are part of an alloy that lends this dart extraordinary strength and durability. The uniform machining process ensures that these darts fit an exacting standard of manufacture. Each barrel features two heavily knurled bands and deep hand painted rings. These features allow you grip to remain consistent on the barrel throw after throw. The path to higher scores is consistency, once you find your sweet spot, you’ll want to make sure you come back to it each time. Moving up the dart we come to the shafts. Made from nylon, this convex design provides the perfect aerodynamics to allow your darts to maximize the stabilizing effect of the flight. Shafts can be something many look over, but we take care to ensure that these are well constructed and perform their job admirably. Finally, the darts are topped off with Polypro wide glide flights. Flights are a crucial part of the dart as they enable the dart to maintain a straight and true trajectory towards the dart board. When you can count on your flights to enable a consistent flight arc, your scores will soar. This dart set features six darts barrels, shafts and flights for a great start to a night of darting. Settle the score with the Fat Cat Twin Pack!

  • Tungzite dart barrels are dense and strong, a mark of quality in dart sets.
  • Evenly weighted barrels feature hand-painted rings and heavy knurling to ensure that your hand positioning is consistent throw after throw.
  • Polypro flights feature signature Fat Cat graphics in two colors, so you’ll know whose darts belong to whom.
  • Includes six darts, two full sets for you and a friend to get your game started!
  • Includes six flights, and six convex nylon shafts, one for each dart in this bundle.